Our dogs family page

Boss Hog's sire  Phat Kat of Genetic freaks
Boss Hog's Dam Beretta
Queen Bee's Dam Diamond
Queen Bee's Sire Dino the Great
Sarge Is looking good!  Thanks for the pics  Cary ! Boss X Bee litter Male  41 lbs @ 12 weeks
Thank you Maria for the Pics of Tank!  Hes definatly growing fast :)  Boss x Bee litter  Male 54 lbs @ 15 weeks
Zona is looking Amazing! Cute picture Matt She has a great loving home :)
Boss X Bee litter female 41 lbs 15 weeks
5 months 71 lbs!!  Boy does he take after hid Dad Boss Hog ! Awesome muscle, wide chest big head!
Kanaka     Male out of Boss x Bee litter    8  months old 90 Lbs  and All Bully!
Hollywoods mom Bosslady
Hollywoods Dad Cartman
Hollywoods Dad Cartman
Sarge 1 year old Hangin out in his chair . Hes one bad boy Cary :)
Kanaka   10 months